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Coconut oil is an incredibly healthy fat. It is a rich source of several medium-chain fatty acids. These fatty acids provide powerful effects on your metabolism. What is fractional coconut oil? It is nothing but an oil made out of coconut oil consisting of two medium-chain fatty acids. These two fatty acids are caprylic acid (C8) and capric acid (C10). It directly transports to the liver from your digestive tract where they turn as a quick source of energy. Fractionated coconut oil is tasteless, odorless, and usually more expensive than normal coconut oil. 


Making process –

A process called Fractionation does the production of fractionated coconut oil. This process separates different types of fats from each other. In this process of fractionation, the coconut oil is manufactured by heating the oil above its melting point. After doing this, it is left over to cool. Doing this separates the solid fraction of the oil from the liquid but may take several hours.


Using procedure –

People buy fractionated coconut oil under three different names for three different uses. The first use that comes is its use for various household and personal care purposes like moisturizer, hair conditioner, and massage oil. It is majorly used as a dietary supplement as 1 to 3 tablespoon intake will keep your immunity good. The last use that comes to our mind is its use as an edible cooking oil.


Benefits – 

  • It helps you lose extra weight. It reduces hunger and calorie intake. These oils help you burn more fat and calories but there are fewer chances of it being stored as fat.
  • According to a study it reduces insulin resistance, improves risk factors like diabetes also. 
  • Coconut oil has a vital role in treating epilepsy. This gives a ketogenic diet to children fighting epilepsy.
  • Another study suggested that people with mild to moderate Alzheimer’s disease should take it because it improves brain function.
  • Lauric acid is the major and most important component of coconut oil. Lauric acid is one of the richest dietary saturated fat sources. This acid present in coconut oil protects you from harmful bacteria, viruses, and fungi. It also protects you from many types of infections. Most fractionated coconut oil you buy does not have lauric acid or have less amount of it. 


Safety and major side effects

Consuming coconut oil seems safe for almost all. There have been some reports of people facing digestive symptoms such as stomach cramps, diarrhea, and vomiting. These majorly happen due to a large intake. Some people may have an allergy from coconut oil but these are extremely rare conditions.


Coconut oil is a natural source of energy that adds flavor and variety to your diet. Its fatty acids may help you with a modest weight loss and much other health goodness. You should always remember changing from one oil to another has many health benefits. However, you should always look to consume oils and fats in limit in your diet. This will help you in being fit, fine, and very healthy.

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