Are you thinking of using Aloe Vera gel? Here are the benefits of using it.

The business of natural products has increased a lot these days. Its major use is in the field of prevention and treatment of oral conditions. Among all the herbal products aloe vera is the most popular. It is the most researched herb by scientists according to a report by the New York Times. Arabic word Alloch meaning shining bitter substance and Latin word Vera meaning true constitutes aloe vera’s derivation.

History of Aloe Vera- 

The history of aloe vera has been since Biblical times. Pure aloe vera gel’s production started in 1261. Aloe vera’s stiff grey-green lance-shaped leaves have clear gel in its central mucilaginous pulp. This obtaining process has been in use for hundreds of years. There are over 250 species of aloe vera plants growing around the world. Aloe vera commercially has two species- Aloe barbadensis Miller and Aloe arborescens

Growing Conditions-

Aloe plants mostly grow in warm and tropical areas. It does not survive freezing temperatures in the winter season. In the US, it grows majorly in the Rio Grande Valley in South Texas, Florida, and Southern California. These places are the hottest in the summer. Other countries that have aloe vera farming are Mexico, Pacific countries, India, South American countries, Central America, the Caribbean, Australia, and Africa.

Various types of Aloe Vera-

The two medicinally useful parts of the aloe vera plant are-

1. First comes its leaves that contain all the clear gel. Usually, the extraction of this gel is done from the plant. It is used to treat various burns and skin infections. This gel comes in both liquid and capsule form.

2. Second thing is that the plant produces us aloe latex. It is yellow. Its mostly found just under the outer part of its leaves. It has many laxative properties as of which it’s orally consumed. It is the most used herb in treating constipation.

3. These days aloe-based drinks as if aloe vera juice and water are in much demand. These products majorly are a mixture of aloe vera and citrus juices. An Australian company named pure aloe vera gel Australia produces almost all kinds of aloe products available in the market.

4. Aloe vera tastes a little bitter for this reason brands add flavor and sweeteners to it.

Ways to use it- 

● According to a study aloe vera gel, when applied outside of tomatoes delays its ripening. It also maintains its quality, freshness, and prevents bacterial growth.

● Aloe vera’s use has shown a significant reduction of plaque inside the mouth.

● The use of aloe vera as a pain reliever is in demand because Salicylic acid present in aloe vera acts as a painkiller.

Potential health benefits of Aloe Vera-

There is no such evidence to prove that aloe vera’s treatment can heal all health-related issues. Still, this plant has many potential benefits including-

● Pure aloe vera gel contains aloin that is an anthraquinonoid. This gives aloe vera its laxative property and helps indigestion.

● Aloe vera creams help in the treatment of skin allergies like psoriasis and acne. It gives a calming effect to the skin and helps in the reduction of itchiness and inflammation.

● Aloe vera gel is the most used medicine to calm sunburn. You might have experienced the benefits of this gel on your skin. Recent research on a comparison of placebo to aloe vera has shown that placebo is better in treating sunburn than aloe vera.

● Aloe vera expedites the healing process of burns and cuts on your skin.

● A recent study found that taking two tablespoons of aloe vera daily reduces the blood sugar level among people having diabetes.

Selection and Storing of Aloe Vera-

It is best to store aloe vera gel and juice in a cool place. Humidity is the major factor that can affect it. It is specially stored in a dark bottle to keep away from heat and light. FDA does not regulate the use of aloe vera as a supplement. When you are buying it, check the seal from the International Aloe Science Council because it stands as proof that the aloe vera quality and purity is tested and confirmed.

Aloe vera has revalidated in modern science through many studies. It is a promising herb having various medical and clinical applications.

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